Kahala Gems, LLC expertise in importing and exporting diamonds.  Our company is about providing quality diamonds at competitive price to wholesalers.  Most of our diamonds are GIA Certified to guarantee the stone’s integrity.  All diamonds are carefully inspected by staffed Graduate Gemologist to ensure the validity and the quality of the diamond.  We also perform diamond re-cutting if necessary to make the precious stone even more precious and one of a kind.  We carry sizes 1ct & higher with various shapes, colors, and clarity.  Inquiries are always welcomed.

Kahala Gems, LLC

New Jersey, USA

TEL: 1-201-280-2230 (9AM – 5PM EST)
FAX: 1-201-224-2145

RapNet ID: 66241   JBT ID: 11342

We comply with AML Program and in compliance with the USA Patriot Act